A very large fenced in back yard. The grass has been neatly mowed and the landscape bed lining the fence is full of fresh brown mulch.

Yard Cleanups

Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape offers general yard cleanups. Often our cleanups are seasonal cleanups such as spring cleanups and fall cleanups.

We perform lawn and landscape cleanup services year-round, in addition to our regular services of lawn mowing and landscape maintenance.

A ‘cleanup’ service can include just about anything your lawn and landscape needs. Learn more below.

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Leaf Removal

We pass this tree every week as we go from property to property performing our lawn services and we love it!

But, when the winter arrives, all of those beautiful burgundy leaves end up scattered across the lawn and landscape. That’s when we come to the rescue!

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A large tree with red leaves in a residential front lawn. The grass surrounding the tree has been mowed by Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape.
A fenced in back yard before a yard cleanup service. The grass is very overgrown and is several feet tall.

We Restore Lawns and Landscapes

We perform big and small lawn and landscape cleanups.

Don’t be shy! We promise we have probably seen a lawn or landscape in worse shape than yours and have already brought it back to its original glory. We’d love to do the same for you.

Request us to send your cleanup quote to your inbox after checking out the after pic below!

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The same fenced in back yard but after a yard clean up service. The overgrown grass has been cut down.

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Yard Cleanup After After Lawn Mowing Service

Watch The Leaves Disappear!

When you leave for work, your lawn is covered in leaves.

When you return from work, your lawn could be all cleaned up! All you have to do is contact us!

What can a cleanup service include?

The possibilities are endless. Clean-up services can include the collection and removal of leaves, sticks, and debris from your lawn, landscape, and paved surfaces.

It can also include trimming and pruning of trees and bushes, even lawn mowing. Of course, weeding and cleaning out of landscape beds is an option if needed. We can also redefine lawn edges and landscape bed edges so they are crisp and aesthetically appealing.

When should a cleanup service be performed?

Honestly, whenever your lawn or landscape is in need of being cleaned up is a great time to contact us and schedule your cleanup service.

For well-maintained lawns, cleanup services are typically performed in late fall and once again early in the springtime.