A landscape bed that is so full of weeds you can barely tell there is a landscape bed at all.

Garden Weeding Service

When we go weeding weeds go away, and they don’t come back!

Nobody likes to see their flower beds taken over by weeds, let alone have to pull them. Let us come out and clean up your flower beds and get them looking great again.

We are happy to offer this service throughout our service area, as well as our mowing and yard cleanup services!!

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The ‘after weeding’ pic is below!

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Weed-Free Landscape Beds Pop!

It’s simply amazing the difference this little weeding project made to this flower bed.

We use specialized tools like hoop hoes and grub hoes to effectively remove weeds by the root. If the roots aren’t removed with the foliage of the weed, it is very likely to come back very soon!

We make weeds go bye-bye for good!

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A landscape bed after all the weeds have been removed.
A weed eater sitting on the drive way of a client before a weed whacking service.

Weed Eating Service

Along with offering our weeding service for weeds found in your landscape beds, we also perform a lot of weed eating services for overgrown lawns.

No matter how long your grass has grown, we have commercial-grade lawn equipment that can bring it back into shape.

Let us solve your weed problem!

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Before Weeding Service After Weeding Service

We Take Care Of Tall Grass & Weeds

We’ve seen it all over the past 5 years. When you maintain lawns and landscapes every day as we do, nothing surprises you anymore. Do not be afraid to contact us, no matter how long and overgrown your lawn or landscape has become!

We are here and happy to help!

A before and after comparing a landscape bed. On the left, the landscape bed is so overgrown with weeds, you cannot see through them. On the right, all weeds have been removed, revealing a neat landscape bed full of decorative rocks.

We Pull Weeds From Gardens

Weeding is a tedious task that usually involves a lot of bending over. The summers get hot here in Lane County, Oregon! Give us a call and let us supply the elbow grease for your garden’s needs.

Our Process For Weeding Beds

A pile of weeds pulled from a landscape bed.

Step 1 is Weeding

We remove and dispose of the weeds from your beds, making your landscaping look clean and crisp.

Soil being turned over.

Step 2 is Cultivating

Cultivating your flower beds means turning the soil over to allow better oxygen and water access to your bedding plants.

A weed free landscape bed with neatly defined edges.

Step 3 is Ongoing Maintenance

Staying on top of the weeds is a must if you want to keep your yard looking its best at all times. We can add our weeding service to your current lawn maintenance plan.