A residential home with a small front lawn that has been recently mowed by Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape.

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Lawn Care Photo Gallery Collection

We hope you enjoy our photos below. We’ve included 2 photo gallery collections in this section. These are collections of all of the photos found on the other various pages of our website. Continue scrolling down for new photos and before and after image sliders!

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Lawn Service Photos: Before and After

Below are individual before and after photos of lawn services performed by Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape in the Eugene-Springfield area.

Photo Before Our Mowing Service

As you can see, this grass had grown tall since it had been mowed last when we arrived at the property to perform our lawn mowing service.

A residential home with a very overgrown lawn. The grass is spilling over to cover the surrounding sidewalk.
A small residential lawn after a lawn mowing service. The overgrown grass has been cut, all clippings have been cleaned up, and the borders have been defined and edged.

Photo After Our Mowing Service

But we made light work of it with our professional lawn equipment! Notice how we took the time to make sure this lawn looked great before heading to our next job.

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Landscaping Before Mulching

This photo is what most lawns and landscapes look like after the winter months with old, faded mulch that has spread thin from the rain and wind over the past year.

A landscape bed lining a home before a mulch spreading service. The mulch is very thin and faded.
The same landscape bed after a mulch spreading service. Fresh brown mulch has been installed in the landscape bed.

Landscaping After Mulching

And just like that, a fresh layer of mulch brings the landscape back to all of its glory!

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Tree Before Pruning

Before pruning this tree, you could hardly see the house behind it!

A medium sized tree that is very overgrown and in need of pruning.
The same tree after a tree pruning service from Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape. The tree has been neatly pruned and all overgrown branches have been removed.

Tree After Pruning

That’s better! We cut the lower branches off the tree and it opened it wide up. There was a house behind there after all!

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Shrub Before Removal

Sometimes shrubs simply outgrown their space in the garden bed over time.

A very large shrub that has outgrown its space.
A empty landscape bed after a shrub removal service. The overgrown shrubs have been removed.

Shrub After Removal

Once a shrub becomes that overgrown, hard pruning would leave it weak and downright ugly. Sometimes it is best to remove overgrown shrubs and start with a fresh flower bed as we did here.

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Lawn Before Cleanup

At first glance, it appears this lawn just hadn’t been mowed in a while. But wait, there is a surprise!

A small residential front lawn that is very overgrown. Grass is spilling over the borders onto the sidewalk.
The same front lawn following a lawn mowing service. The overgrown grass has been cut down to reveal unique landscape beds that were hidden by overgrown grass.

Lawn After Cleanup

Look at that! Who knew this little lawn had some very cool and unique features!

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Before Yard Renovation

This uninviting front yard is about to undergo a complete lawn renovation service, which will completely change its look for the better!

A residential front lawn before a lawn renovation service. Almost all the grass is dead.
The same lawn after a lawn renovation service. The grass is now healthy and green and the lawn features decorative rock accents.

After Yard Renovation

Told you! Isn’t the difference night and day.

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Interactive Before and After Image Sliders

Now we are to the fun part! The image slider below can also be found on the individual service pages for each service they represent.

Before Lawn Mowing Service After Lawn Mowing Service

Before and After a Mowing Service

This is what we do every day – mow lawns! We really do love mowing grass, and that shows with our attention to detail.

Before Shrub Trimming After Shrub Trimming

Before and After Shrub Pruning

This is one of our favorites. The before and after picture of this pruning service speaks volumes!

Yard Cleanup After After Lawn Mowing Service

Before and After Our Leaf Removal Service

Without fail each fall the trees will drop their leaves and make a mess in the local lawns and landscapes here in the Eugene-Springfield area. Get your lawn on our schedule and we’ll clean it up for you!

Before Weeding Service After Weeding Service

Before and After an Overgrown Lawn Management Service

We do also pull weeds from garden beds! This before and after slider shows how we were able to take this neglected backyard and bring it back to a nice, maintained state quickly and affordably.

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