A red push mower sitting in the back yard of a client during a lawn mowing service.

Neighborhood Lawn Mowing Service

Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape caters to homeowners in the Eugene-Springfield area when it comes to their lawn mowing needs.

Weekly service starts at just $30 per mow! No contacts!

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Affordable Lawn Services

With our weekly scheduled lawn maintenance service, our clients enjoy a well-maintained lawn at a very affordable rate – just $30 per mow service.

We also offer bi-weekly lawn mowing.

We’ll even mow your grass if it has gotten a little tall since the last cut!

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A red push mower being used to deliver a lawn mowing service.
A commercial push mower being used during a lawn mowing service to cut overgrown grass.

Mowing Service Options

Our regular grass cutting service includes cutting the grass, lawn edging, string trimming, and cleanup.

Weed control, bed maintenance, and shrub trimming can be added to your regular maintenance plan to keep the whole yard in tip-top shape at all times.

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We Mow Lawns The Right Way Every Time

Grass Cutting:

Mowing is done with a rotary blade mechanical mower with sharp blades. Mowing height will be based on the type of grass and seasonal conditions. We run Honda push mowers.

Trimming & Edging:

Edging will be done during each visit using a string trimmer, ensuring you have nice edges between your lawn and hard surfaces. We use Stihl stick edgers.

String trimming around natural borders and along fence lines will help to keep the grass at uniform height. We use Stihl string trimmers.

Clipping Cleanup:

Blowing off of debris and leaves from driveways, walkways, and sidewalks making sure to leave your property looking clean. We use Stihl backpack blowers.

How We Price Our Service

There are no contracts here! We charge on a per-visit basis. You will only pay for the services you receive. We charge our clients’ credit cards on file on the 1st of the month for the previous month’s mowing services.

We prefer to mow lawns on a weekly basis for the majority of the year. During the winter months, typically mid-November through mid-January, we switch all weekly mowing clients to bi-weekly automatically because the grass grows at a slower rate during this time of the year.

Put your lawn maintenance on cruise control!

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