A home lined with a large landscape bed. Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape has spread fresh brown mulch and pruned all shrubs in the landscape bed.

Complete Landscape Maintenance

Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape is ready to perform any and all of your landscape maintenance needs. See the areas we serve here!!

We prune shrubs, spread mulch, pull weeds, and offer a wide range of cleanup services such as leaf removal and overgrown lawn management.

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We Professionally Prune Shrubs

We absolutely love how plants look right after they get a haircut!

Let us turn your overgrown shrubs into a focal point of your landscape by having us perform our shrub pruning service.

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A handheld electric pruner sitting beside a line of pruned hedges.
A landscape bed filled with fresh brown mulch.

Mulching is an Important Aspect to Landscape Maintenance

A little mulch goes a long way when it comes to the appearance of your landscape beds.

Applying new mulch each year to your landscape beds helps keep weeds to a minimum, and it helps retain moisture in the soil for the plants to consume.

We use vibrant, high-quality mulch from our local supplier, Lane Forest Products.

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Before Shrub Trimming After Shrub Trimming

We Make Landscapes Look Great!

Can you believe the difference this pruning service made on this hedgerow! It really is night and day.

This is exactly what we would like to do for you and your landscape. The landscape maintenance professionals at Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape are ready to check out your property free of charge to see exactly what needs to be done to make your landscape look great again.

Once we know the scope of work, we will present you with an itemized list of suggested landscape maintenance services for you to choose from. There is no obligation to use our service after requesting your free estimate. You may also pick and choose which services you’d like us to perform from our itemized list of quotes.

Why We Mulch

The main reason to mulch your landscape beds is that it is pleasing to the eye. Mulch provides uniform color and appearance around your bedding plants, which brings it all together! This is why we do not skimp out on the quality of the mulch we use. Options for mulch include Bark-O-Mulch, Hemlock Bark, and Color Rich Bark in brick red or dark brown, all sourced locally from one of Lane Forest Products’ locations in Eugene and Springfield..

Mulching is adding a layer of material around your bedding plants to cover the soil. The many benefits of mulching include: retention of moisture in the soil, it helps keep the soil from becoming compacted, it adds nutrients back into the soil, and feeds the beneficial worms.