So, you were very excited to start working with the lawn service you selected after reviewing all of the free estimates you received…

And then, they told you that you had to put a credit card on file!

Let’s talk about it.

A cartoon graphic depicting 3 credit cards

Cards On File Benefit All Parties

It’s true.

By placing your credit card on file with your lawn service provider you are now saving even more time when it comes to maintaining your lawn.  Since you hired the service, you no longer have the time involved in performing the services yourself but then invoices start showing up weekly or monthly and begin to eat away at your time in the day!

Lawn services want credit cards on file because too many people have proven they had no plans on ever paying for the services they received.  Once they get cut off for lack of payment, they simply start the process over with the next company until they get cut off again.  Wash and repeat…

We are not saying you are one of these people at all!  But, the fact still remains that non-payment for services provided is rampant in the lawn care industry.  We know this because the lawn care community is actually a pretty active and tight-knit group of small business owners.  There are several online forums, Facebook groups, Instagram pages, and YouTube channels dedicated to sharing the ins and outs of how they found success in their business.

Automatic Payments Are Effortless

At the end of the day, lawn services want to save their customers time and money.

As we touched on earlier, once you place your card on file, you’re done!

A black credit card resting on top of a keyboard

Credit Cards Offer Protection For Consumers

You have to remember you are giving your credit card number to a business, and most lawn services like us, allow their clients to enter their credit card info online so the company never actually sees the card number.

Even if the company takes your card number over the phone, their payment processing system is only going to allow them to view the last 4 digits.  Obviously, if you are not confident this is how the company will solely use your credit card info,  then do not give it to them and find another company you feel better about.

If you ever see an extra charge or anything like that we recommend contacting the lawn service to inquire about the unknown charge.  Maybe it was an honest mistake…  But, if your card is charged and you didn’t authorize it, you can call your credit card company and they will happily open a dispute and return your funds if it was in fact an illegitimate charge.

Joe, owner of Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape, with his wife and two children. 

Twin Pines Can Answer Any Questions You Have

(If you are looking for lawn services in the Eugene-Springfield area of Oregon…)

Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape does use the credit card on the file system for collecting payment for all services rendered.

Remember, when you hire Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape you work directly with the owner.  If you have any problems at all with Twin Pines service, Joe is personally going to make the situation right with you.

Don’t hesitate, request your free estimate today!  We think you will truly enjoy having your credit card on file for lawn services once you give it a shot!