Anyone can ‘hire a lawn service’ but if you’ve ever hired a lawn service, you probably went through a couple before finding the ‘right’ one.

We are going to help you save time, and very possibly money, by giving you some tips on hiring the right lawn service.

Call 3 Lawn Services

Our first tip for hiring the right lawn service is to call at least 3 lawn services!

And, for clarification, by ‘call’ we mean to call, email, or complete a form to request your quote.

At Twin Pines, we would be shocked if you got a hold of or heard back from all of the companies you reached out to because also every time we answer our phone or call someone back, they are shocked!  They let us know how much it meant to them that we simply responded.  We find this kind of crazy, but the fact of the matter is most lawn care companies are already too busy!

So, contact at least 3 lawn services in hopes to get 1 or 2 estimates.

Joe, owner of Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape

Get Multiple Estimates

You may need to circle back to calling more companies to get 2 or more quotes but we highly recommend doing this.

Most lawn care companies are owned by someone who was good at lawn care or landscaping and took the leap to start their own business.  We think this is great and is actually exactly how Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape came to be!  But, it also has downfalls.

Pricing can vary greatly from company to company.

Please do not shop for the ‘lowest price’ if you want to hire the right lawn service!  The old adage is certainly true here, “You get what you pay for!”

With the said, we also do not think you should go with the highest price assuming they will be the ‘best.’

With the exception of more major lawn and landscape services such as landscape design, pavers and retaining walls, and other major projects, lawn and landscape maintenance services are somewhat of a commodity.  What we mean by this is that there is’ industry standard’ pricing which all lawn and landscape companies really need to meet with their pricing to be competitive.

A low price probably means the company is inexperienced or isn’t a legitimate company.  A high price could be an unscrupulous company trying to get a couple of extra bucks out of you.

A before image comparing a lawn before and after a landscape cleanup. In the before photo the lawn is overgrown and messy. In the after the overgrown grass has been cut back to reveal a landscape bed that was covered by overgrown grass and weeds.

Trust Your Gut (and Online Reviews)

After you’ve received a couple of quotes, we recommend going with the company you have the best feeling about from your communications.  If the process of getting your quote was a hassle, the service you receive very well could be the same.

Online reviews left by prior and current customers can also be very valuable to you during your decision-making process.  Keep in mind newer companies may be the best option for your needs, but they simply haven’t had time to get their review count up yet.  Also, fake reviews have been an issue for several years online.  Be sure to read the reviews to determine if you think each is ‘real’ or not!

3 Step To Hiring Twin Pines Lawn and Landscape

  1. Contact us – Call us, email us, text us, or complete any form on our website to request your free estimate
  2. Review your quote – Within 24 hours you will have a no-obligation quote in your inbox
  3. Schedule your service – Simply accept your quote and we will quickly be out for your first service

If you are ready, we are ready!

We feel we are the best lawn and landscape company in the Eugene-Springfield area and we honestly hope our competition feels the same.  If they don’t, we are not sure why they continue to operate their business!